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Free Website Competitor Audit
Checks your website structure

The Website structure optimisation section aims at optimising your website as a whole, checking crucial structure and HTML-coding related aspects of your website and identifying any problem spots that need fixing.

This report really helped us see just where our website needed optimising against our competitors - very comprehensive.
Mark Andrews
Free Website Competitor Audit
Page Content Optimisation

The Page content optimisation section is designed for content optimisation of each separate page. It uncovers search engine algorithms by analysing the content of the top ranking websites. Thus you get the full picture of what techniques work in a particular search engine for your targeted keywords.

The PDF supplied from Micro Update was so useful, even our SEO expert was amazed at the level of detail!
Sarah Dutton
Free Website Competitor Audit
Optimisation Advice

The comprehensive report also shows optimisation advice for those of you who are not yet so tech-savvy. This advice is based on the SEO techniques of the top ranking websites in your niche. Follow the guidelines of the report and you are sure to score a lot more points with your content.

  • Optimise your entire website across-the-board
  • Find out all problems that impede its performance
  • Full reports shows you what you need to do to rank better with Google
Free Website Competitor Audit
Here's how you can create 100% Google-friendly webpages that hit top rankings with a marksman's accuracy

Every SEO worth her salt will tell you that any successful SEO campaign is based on the cornerstone of onpage optimisation. However, when it comes to what onpage SEO techniques really work, there are 8 opinions for every 5 experts.

When your business is at stake, you can't just do something to optimise your site and hope that it works. You need to be completely confident that everything you do will help your rankings. Moreover, you need to be dead-sure, that you've done every single thing on the SEO checklist and your website is optimized across the board.

Free Website Competitor Audit