Mobile Development

All our customers who purchased our medium web design package or above automatically get a free mobile phone application as standard. We do not stop there. With mobile phones being used by the majority of the population this gives your business an ideal opportunity to maintain and increase your contact with your customers on a regular basis.

Mobile phone applications are now cost effective and quick to implement. From standard web pages optimised for mobile browsing to full blown mobile phone applications for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and other platforms, Micro Update has years of experience of creating complete online solutions. We have various packages available that start from as low as FREE! All our £1000 website packages and above come with a free mobile application that is yours with your website - optimised for mobile browsers.

As your business becomes more experienced with mobile technologies and techniques we can develop full blown mobile applications that will put your business in front of your customers 24/7. Your competitors will be moving into this arena (if they haven't already!), with the price of technology coming down day by day, now is the time to make sure that your business is utilising all the avenues available to increase customer service and ultimately sales.

Some examples of mobile application solutions