KeePass – great password tool


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    List of top things to do to secure your Joomla website


    Top things to do to secure your Joomla website

    Updated: 3/2/2011 (you can now download and view this as a checklist document for your reference and guidance)

    Here’s my list of the top things to do to make sure that your not leaving security vulnerabilities in your Joomla website and that it runs smoothly each and every day…

    • FIRSTLY MAKE SURE YOU ARE RUNNING THE LATEST RELEASED VERSION OF JOOMLA. Login to your Joomla site and look at the version number. If you are not running the latest version, download it and update your site straight away! At the time of writing this (Feb 2011) there are two major versions of Joomla. 1.6 is the latest brand new release and version 1.5.xx. If your site is using a 1.5.xx version make sure you upgrade to the latest version in that range e.g. 1.5.xx to 1.5.xx – do not jump to version 1.6 without a lot of testing and looking at the implications of doing so!
    • If your database tables in MQSQL for Joomla have ‘jos_’ as the prefix, read this first tip:
      Download EasySQL ( and rename the database prefix of our databases within MySQL from the jos_ prefix (if everyone wants more feedback on how to do this leave me a comment and I’ll create a blog entry :) )
    • Create a spreadsheet grid showing all your Joomla websites against modules / version installed in each site with dates and links to latest versions (this should be reviewed and signed off every month)
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    New Google search options


    More Compact Google Search Options

    Google used to group the options from the search sidebar so you can quickly find the filters related to location, visited pages and the different ways to present search results. All these groups have been merged and Google only kept the group that lets you restrict the results to recent web pages. Google also removed the “related searches” view which showed a list of related searches at the top of the page and allowed you to compare the results for different searches.

    The more interesting options now available include:

    Wonder Wheel

    A kind of mindmap of your search with links that you can follow easily with related information on the right hand side of the search window. Good option for drilling down into information or looking at the search in a different way.

    Google WonderWheel Search Results


    The Timeline search view shows a graph of your search term over time with key dates and events over time. You can see from this view the popularity of the search over a period of time. You can also click into the various date segments and drill down further into the information.

    As you drilldown into each segment – it expands to show a more detailed timeline of the search term. Again you can drilldown even further. Good for finding date related search information.

    Google Timeline Search

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    Joomla 1.5 – How to create templates


    Creating a basic Joomla! template – Joomla! Documentation

    Tutorial on how to create a basic Joomla template. This WIKI article goes through all aspects of creating a standard template for Joomla including how to format your directory structure and the index.php file. The final template is simple but covers all aspects of creating the template – as start for your new template or website creation using Joomla.

    Joomla Templates

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    15 Web Services we rely on everyday


    • 15 Web Services We Rely On Every Day – an interesting article blog about 15 key web services used everyday. 

      The list includes:
      Zendesk, GetSatisfaction, SendGrid, MailChimp (my favourite mail manager for newsletters, etc.), Apigee, String, ExpressionEngine, Chartbeat, Mint, PivotalTracker, SalesForce, RightSignature, GotoMeeting, Xero, DropBox, Office Glico.

      These are amongst the best cloud based services out there and I recommend most of them. I may be blogging about individual ones over the next few weeks…

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